5 Important Lessons I’ve Learned From Growing My Online Business.

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Entrepreneurial experiences are filled with difficult challenges. Some feel the financial pressures, while others just could not cope with the stressful life of having to sacrifice everything. My startup of Mirsky Mode was no different. It was filled with ups and downs. The important part here is what I’ve gained from those experiences. Here are […]

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How to Become Productive at Work Without Working 9-5pm (6 Ways)?

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Small businesses often struggle to make their daily business activities at optimal level without the need of emptying their pocket. Business at Mirsky Mode faced similar problems. I did not have much financial strength and needed to increase my work capacity greatly. So here are the methods which I’ve applied that are cheap: Work Early […]

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Customers Do Not Trust You: 4 Best Ways to Build Trust with Your Customers Online.

4 Best Ways to Build Trust With Your Customers Online

Building trust with your online customers involves plenty of relationship building. Whilst it’s fundamentals remain about the same as traditional consumers, your brand needs to adjust accordingly to match with the competitively fast-paced internet sharing.  Since trust is especially crucial in the online world, I’ve come up with 4 favorites ways I normally use to […]

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