Without a doubt Instagram has become a crucial social media platform for businesses around the world. Apart from the fact that 400 million active users every month, it is also a perfect platform to showcase the ‘other’ side of your business and to engage with your consumers in a much personal way. Take a look […]

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4 Ways to Deliver Great Customer Service on Social Media

4 Ways to Deliver Great Customer Service on Social Media

How important is customer service via social media? J.D. Power in his article has found that 67% consumers used and accessed a company’s social media for customer service. Additionally, Jay Bear also report that 42% of the consumers expect a quick response, within 60 minutes timeline. These are strong indicators that tell you, as a […]

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Best Ways to Increase Brand Awareness On Instagram (4 Ways)

Ways to Increase Brand Awareness on Instagram

Based on an article by ClickZ last year, it was reported Instagram users posted an average of 80 million photos per day. This is great news for businesses who are looking to extend its reach to additional consumers. However, if you look at it from another aspect, the amount of photos updated each day makes […]

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3 Ways to Select the Right Social Media Influencer for your Brand

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Throughout the experience, I’ve always been told that influencers don’t work when it comes to improving a company’s brand awareness. I agree, to some extend. There is a majority of influencers out there who claimed they are ‘social media influencer(s)’, but don’t have any idea how to even read or analyse Google Analytics report, Iconosquare […]

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5 Reasons Your Products Are Not Selling on Instagram

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Your website is no longer the only channel for selling products. Instagram has evolved from a platform to share selfies, food and travel pics to brands leveraging it for marketing purposes making more money. However, for whatever reason, your business does not get equal share of success on it. You start wondering why. So, here are […]

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