5 Weaknesses That You Need to Get Rid to Become an Entrepreneur.

Weaknesses Entrepreneur Must Get Rid In Order to Succeed in Running Business

Yes, running new business is exciting. The idea of success and the bountiful benefits which come with it are truly desirable. But, can anyone just do it? Can anyone who dives into this achieves success? Recent report that 90% startup in USA fail is enough to scare away people from venturing into the entrepreneurial world. […]

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4 Ways to Deliver Great Customer Service on Social Media

4 Ways to Deliver Great Customer Service on Social Media

How important is customer service via social media? J.D. Power in his article has found that 67% consumers used and accessed a company’s social media for customer service. Additionally, Jay Bear also report that 42% of the consumers expect a quick response, within 60 minutes timeline. These are strong indicators that tell you, as a […]

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5 Great Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Online.

5 Great Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Online

In 2003, Harvard Business Review wrote how loyal customers are much more profitable than other customers. The article reported loyal customers are prone to buying from you more often, they cost less to serve and most important of all, they provide the highest quality of feedback. Whilst all these are good, small businesses still struggle […]

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Top Seven Deadly Reasons of Business Failures and How to Avoid?

Seven Deadly Reasons of Business Failures and How to Avoid It?

A survey by CB Insights has compiled ranges of study on businesses that failed. The report found 20 top reasons, naming absence of market, lack of capital and a startup team which did not fit for the job in the top three. Whilst the report listed 20 reasons, I decided to only focus on 7 […]

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