Best Ways to Increase Brand Awareness On Instagram (4 Ways)

Ways to Increase Brand Awareness on Instagram

Based on an article by ClickZ last year, it was reported Instagram users posted an average of 80 million photos per day. This is great news for businesses who are looking to extend its reach to additional consumers.

However, if you look at it from another aspect, the amount of photos updated each day makes it difficult for small businesses to grow. The huge number of uploads makes it too saturated, difficult for new businesses to improve its brand awareness.

Whilst many experts have suggested the idea of following users, liking, commenting and hashtag-ing to help grow brand, I’d recommend to focus more on creating a much more innovative and creative content.

Do not be mistaken that liking and commenting other users do not work. I still feel it does, but it should be focused less. Set it as your second priority. It’s about your Instagram content management that you need to pay more attention.


  • Create content related to your audience. Tell the story how your brand/product resolve your audience’s problem. Try less on selling.

Be relatable to your customers. Create content which your customers can relate with. Tell them how your brand help resolve their problems. Also, tell them that it is in your company’s best interests to help them in the long run.

Instagram has always been among favorites among various industries. It’s platform was built solely for purposes in which it lets stories be told through the art of photography. Remember ‘A picture worth a thousand words’?

Photos allow brand to emotionally connect with customers in various ways from a single picture as shown evidently from Leesa.

Leesa has been amazing when it comes to creating content that emotionally connects with their customers. The brand uses content to help drive better personalized buying experiences online. Buying a mattress online? Crazy. But Leesa carefully walks you through the process and gives you a lot of content to guide your experience. The kind of personalization Leesa provides indicates the company’s commitment to helping customers which is relatable. 

There is in fact, more ways to become relatable to your customers, but I will write another different article for that. Let’s just take this for example for now.


PR Stunt

  • Adopt the ‘give some to get some’ approach creating the content on Instagram.
  • Hire influencers and get them to do publicity stunt or promote the stunt that your company is organizing. Be different, be unpredictable, be creative.

PR stunt has always been reliable from my experience. It is capable of creating much intrigue where your audience can’t resist from clicking the link or the ‘view more..’ in the Instagram’s description box.

I’d recommend you adopt the ‘give some to get some’ approach creating the stunt. Be secretive but leave some hints to the secret – just enough so that the audience can’t resist from taking a peak.

List down 3 to 4 qualities or added-values of your product in a table of two columns. Write a statement each in the second column which indirectly suggests the qualities listed.

Plan and create your PR stunt based on either 2 or 3 of these statements as guidelines to help you on creating the content which gives introduction to the final quality(s) which the audience can access through the ‘view more…’ or link to your website shared on the Instagram post.        

You can also hire influencers, personalities or ambassadors (if budget permits) and get them to do publicity stunt or promote the one that your company is running. Just create publicity stunt. Be different, be unpredictable, be creative. Above all, be intriguing!



  • People always love to get surprises, no different to your customers. Why don’t offer them special offer or access to new products on their special day?

People always love to get surprises, no different to your customers. Why don’t offer them special promo or exclusive access to new products or services on their special day?

Even if you don’t have a clue when their birthday is, you can randomly pick a customer and tell your he/she has been selected to receive the special offer.

The idea in which they are getting freebies out of nowhere can really impress them and will not forget easily. These are among few ways you get return customers.

Be honest too! Don’t select too much of them, or they will sense it is just a gimmick to increase sales and trust me customers can sense the insincerity from miles away. Always be emotionally connected with your customers.



  • Customers are smarter these days, they seek company with great after sales service – a company which is able to help resolve issues.

Another essential service that will improve your company’s awareness. Customers are smarter these days, they seek company with great after sales service – a company which is able to help resolve their issue related to your product or service.

Knowing how helpful and willingly your after-sales team resolves issues, customers would fall into line to partake in your services.

This is also another good way to ensure customer return and referrals to your brand since people are more willing to share products with their friends and family which they trust.    

Final Two Cent

Brand awareness is somewhat a subjective topic. There’s no real formula to it since it involves a lot of work in building relationship with customers. Like every relationship, some require much effort and some lesser. This is where your market audience needs to be focused. Like minded consumers are easily susceptible to the idea of what your company does. Focus on this group and branch yourselves out sparingly.

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